How to Deal with Mice in Walls When You Do Kitchen Renovation

Mice are a common family issue using the pests running even walls, crawl spaces and your attic. When they get to these difficult-to-reach places, it becomes less easy to exterminate them. There are methods to trap mice and make sure your walls stay mouse free.

Live or snapshot Snares Mice seldom leave their nests — assembled into your walls — throughout the day. So that it is very important to set snares during the night and enable them to catch the critters while you sleep. Whichever snare you choose, make sure to make use of a lot of snares lined up from the wall with all the trigger plate. Bear in mind that mice enjoy than cheese

Ultrasonic Apparatus See with the local hardware store and buy an ultrasonic apparatus. In case you do not need to cause any damage the ultrasonic apparatus is a process to ensure that the mice vacate your house and your walls

The competition between cats and mice isn’t only for the cartoons. Consider finding a cat, in the event you would like to make sure that your home stays mouse free. The mice come out to eat as well as when you are asleep, your cat will probably be prepared, waiting to pounce

How to Mouse Proof Your Kitchen

You can use any of the following methods or even a combination of them to prevent mice from coming into your kitchen:

  1. Prevention is better than the cure: The first and the foremost thing that can be done is to seal all those possible openings through which rodents like mice can enter your kitchen. They mainly choose to enter your house through openings underneath your sink, or through small openings behind the AC or chimney. It is always better to seal all these openings first. Even if you hire a pest control technician, he will first inspect your house to find out the possible entry points of these rodents and close them.
  2. Snap Traps: Once you have sealed all the possible openings the next thing to do is to set up
    traps for these rodents. One of the most common and traditional type of trap used is the snap trap. A mouse generally tends to run through the wall. So, set these traps on the path of the rodents. Place food material inside these traps to attract the mouse. When the mouse tries to eat this food material, a metal bar snaps and the mouse gets trapped inside and gets killed. Then you can dispose of these dead rodents.
  3. Glue Traps: Another common method that is followed is the use of glue traps. This special glue is placed in the path of mouse travel. Once the mouse steps on this glue, the adhesive surface will trap the mouse. Once the mouse gets trapped, it can’t move its body and also can’t maintain its body temperature. This leads to the killing of mouse because of hypothermia.
  4. Mouse Repellents: The main logic behind using this technique is to force the mouse to stay away from its main source of food. For applying this technique, you will have to do a detailed study to find out the main source of food in your kitchen on which the mice rely. After this, you can either spray a liquid repellent or apply the electronic repellent around this source. By doing this they will not be able to survive and nest further, forcing them to stay away from your kitchen.
  5. Live Traps: Although this is not an effective approach, many people who do not like to harm or kill any creature prefer to use this approach. There are traps available in the market, using which you can catch the mouse alive and then release them away from your house. But this approach does not guarantee that the mouse will not return.

So, instead of being reactive, be proactive by inspecting your house regularly to eliminate the mice, so that you can lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Some Cockroach Prevention Tips

Recently I have been doing a kitten renovation for one of mine clint and run into a huge cockroach infestation problem when I had started removing kitchen cabinets. I notified the client about the problem and recommend them to call local pest control company, however they had a pretty tight budget and they asked me if I had an experience dealing with similar problems before which I had.

I had provided them with some useful tips and they were able to get rid of the problem with a few days that is why I decided to share to with you.  There are many measures you can try reduce the chance of your house being infringed by cockroaches. Here are some ideas to get started:

1. Garbage: take it out on a regular basis. If you’re placing food that is leftover in the garbage can, be sure you take it out every night. It is the primary place that cockroaches will attend try to find food.

2. Hoover: should you eat in a kitchen table, make sure it is swept under by you nightly. The carpet needs to be vacuumed every day at the same time, in the event you eat in your family room. A cockroach can survive on a little little bit of food, therefore it’s important to get every food particle removed. Don’t forget to vacuum your furniture at the same time. This provides an excellent location for cockroaches to track down a meal.

3. Cupboards: make sure you wipe your cupboards often down. Including wiping down appliances like ovens and toasters. Roaches will eat virtually anything, including these small crumbs.
4. Dishes: after eating constantly clean your dishes. Don’t leave them sitting out overnight.

5. Leftovers: make sure your leftovers as well as your fresh cooking supplies are kept in containers that are sealed.

6. Water: there should never be any kind of standing water in your house or flat. Roaches seek out a steady water source more which means to be able to prevent a cockroach infestation, this can be very significant.

7. All cracks needs to be filled in across the house. Caulk all the cracks in your cupboards up. It’s also advisable to wrap up your pipes and wires which are not in the house.